Gary Evans

Gary Evans is originally from Morell and works as a lawyer for the Federal Department of Justice in Charlottetown. Gary has been telling stories around PEI for more than 20 years and got his start impersonating local politicians at community fund raising dinners. Four years ago he was one of the founding members of The Four Tellers story telling group and since that time he, along with, David Weale, Alan Buchanan and Dennis King have performed their summer and Christmas story telling shows to thousands of Islanders and visitors alike. Gary loves to tell a good story but really loves it when he gets to impersonate a PEI politician while doing so.

Upcoming Shows

Three Islanders Walk Into a Hall…
Monday June 8, 2020 · 7:30 pm · $20
Britannia Hall,

Storytellers Gary Evans, Shawn Hogan and David Weale tell tall tales of the Island way of life. Be warned – these pros will have you rolling…

Three Islanders Walk Into a Hall…
Friday June 12, 2020 · 7:30 pm · $25
Roma at Three Rivers,

An evening of Island stories brought to you by renowned storytellers and comedians Gary Evans, David Weale and Shawn Hogan.