Richard Wood

“Picture it: A graceful tune to start off a set, with beautiful zippering lines, played while caressing the fiddle to his ear, eyes closed, off in a serene realm in a dance with time, as he lures us there with him. Then a cutting strathspey to kick it into a higher gear as he whoops out loud and smiles at the crowd — a total of six reels in a row, all executed with flawless precision, pounding in rhythm, intoxicating in a firing energy, which brings about numerous fits of spontaneous applause from the crowd who spring to their feet in ovation immediately at the set’s end. Wood simply dropped every single jaw in the house — certainly making us all proclaim he is back, and he is better than ever.” – Todd MacLean, Charlottetown Guardian.

For more than 3 decades, Richard WOOD has impressed audiences with his electric live show all across the world. He has just released his 8th album, UNBROKEN, mastered by legendary, multi Grammy Award winning Bob Ludwig from Gateway Studios.

Along with winning countless championships, as both a step dancer & fiddler, Richard has also received many Music PEI awards, and has 5 ECMAs to his credit. Twice he has earned the Don Messer Memorial Trophy.

Richard has played for Prime Ministers, Governor Generals, the Queen, the Emperor of Japan, and he has toured with music heavyweights like The Chieftains & Shania Twain, but Richard is most proud to have entertained armed forces in the North Pole, Bosnia, and twice in Afghanistan.

Richard continues to enjoy touring the world headlining concert halls and music festivals!

“I was completely blown away when I first heard Richard’s UNBROKEN record. It actually sounds like a QUEEN record but instead of Freddie Mercury, the lead is taken by the AMAZING fiddle of RICHARD WOOD!” Darrin Harvey, Host: 89.3 K-Rock & East Coast Unpugged