Shane Pendergast

The Pendergast family connection to folk music goes all the way back to my Great-Grandfather James “Big Jim” Pendergast. He and his wife Gertrude published two collections of Island folklore. My Grandfather Reginald Pendergast continued the tradition with his own folklore collections, and my father is a full-time folk musician. As for me, I was born into the ceilidhs. Literally. When my mother went into labour Dad was in the middle of a show and had to leave early!

In my Great-Grandparents book Folklore, a question is posed: “Is there a danger that the folklore of the Maritimes will soon become extinct?”

I am trying to keep the Maritime folk music tradition alive. I spend my summers performing at ceilidhs and concert halls across Prince Edward Island. In the fall, I head over to Toronto where I study Film Production at York University, and spend the weekends playing at various pubs and clubs. I write folk tunes about the Maritimes; be it historical songs, made-up tales, or tunes inspired by my own experiences.